From the recording Sabotage the Guillotine

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Little Jimmy Dipkins caught butterflies for fun; He knew where to find them, was ever so kind to them; He patted their little antennae with love; Soon within Jimmy the butterflies found joy; They’d fly ‘round behind him above and beside him and little Jimmy became the butterfly boy; But one day Jimmy said, “Please call me James”; He left home for law school, got married, and moved to a big fancy house on a big fancy lake; Attorney James Dipkins was walking one day; The butterflies found him and flew all around him but Attorney James Dipkins had a very big case; The butterflies cried, “Jimmy, why won’t you play?”; They wept and they moaned; They said, “Jimmy, come home!” and Jimmy said, “Wait – Looks guys I’m an adult. I can’t be seen playing with butterflies. Are there not other young boys with whom you can play?”; With one soft, sad sigh the butterflies left; Adult human James went to argue his case and the earlier hour gave way to the rest; Deep in the court rooms Attorney James lost; What had he missed?; That detail or this?; He left in dismay; What to say to the boss?; Outside the courthouse, Adult James turned home, when there on his left hand a butterfly landed and Attorney James Dipkins felt much less alone; Now Attorney James Dipkins is the butterfly man; On his way to a case, they flutter in place and he wins every one with the slight of his hand; When James has grown old and his cases are done; He’ll tell all his children and wee-bitty grand-children, “you are never, ever too old to have fun.”