1. Ampersand

From the recording Sabotage the Guillotine

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He flies kites as she builds castles in the sand; a tower falls he bends to lend a hand; Hours pass, the tide rolls back, and soon their castle’s flat leaving one lopsided plastic flag; On the spot he starts to jot their names down with a branch and with a smile she adds an ampersand; as they walk away her family beckons from the van but she leaves him with one last fleeting glance; As spirits swell, the wedding bells sing, “Li-da-di-di-da-di”; A tear falls from her father’s eye; He says, “Live like you’ll be gone tomorrow; Love with all your might and all the rest will come in time”; He lies fast asleep; She sits there by his side; A tissue box sits bare; Her tear ducts dry; A nearby clock is ticking towards and an early morning sky, and it won’t stop no matter how she tries; Across the room a TV’s selling things she’d never buy; Without the sound it all looks like some silly pantomime; and all at once she feels like this is someone else’s life; as if she’s looking in from the outside; We seldom know it’s time to go until we close our eyes, but everybody goes and that’s no surprise; The world it turns; The fire burns and we can only try to make the best of our time.