From the recording Sabotage the Guillotine

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When everything seems like it’s falling apart and nothing will make it stop, save for a miracle; And you don’t even want to lift your head from the pillow and the rain fall steady and cold outside your window; Remember the things that you’ve had; The moments, the people, the stories you’ve shared on the long road and it will pass; When somebody gets you all twisted inside and the thought of them makes you feel cold, think of another; And when somebody close to you suddenly goes and you long for their presence alone, think of your brothers; Don’t dwell too long in the past, ere its fearsome shadow will creep up on you fast; So the story goes; Have a laugh; When the night falls early and there’s nowhere to go and you desperately want to be free, look within you; ‘Cause when the money is spent and the time has gone by and the thing that you’ve waited for comes, live for the present; Never lose faith in your dreams; Press on like a soldier; Move swift like a stead and before you know it will come to pass.