Songwriter's in the Round - July 6th 2021

Hey folks!

Back in July I had the honor of sharing the stage with several talented songwriters for Todd Kessler's final (at least for now) Songwriters in the Round at Hey Nonny in Arlington Heights. I was so excited for the occasion that I hired my friend Max Williams to shoot video of my performance, and then promptly allowed five months to pass before actioning his fantastic footage. (So it goes... lol)

You can watch the following five songs by clicking the link embedded in the title:

The Butterfly Boy


Save for a Miracle

The Nice Guy


In addition to the five original songs posted to my videos section and Youtube, I'd also like to provide a link to our performance of the song "Wild Horses" by The Rolling Stones. It's one of my favorite songs to cover, so I was thrilled when Todd suggested we all trade verses on it. You can watch that video here.

Please take a minute to check out Todd Kessler, Despina Pafralides, and Bill Grady!

And until next time, be good to yourselves, and be good to each other.